Horse Helpers and Consultants, (HHC), was founded at the beginning of 2004. The mission of HHC is to offer horse owners help with understanding and building a communication channel with their horse. This will help you will be able to establish a quality relationship with you horse.
All HHC training methods and practices are based on "Natural Horsemanship" theories. Components from multiple Master Horsemen that Mike Sikorski has studied are incorporated into each custom program designed to meet the needs of the horse and the goals of the owner.
HHC believes that learning about horses is a journey, not a destination, so Mike is continuously studying literature, attending clinics, and most importantly, listening to and learning from the horse. Mike has studied with Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Tom Curtin, Pat and Linda Parelli. In addition he has studied higher level performance with Aaron England, Craig Johnson, Troy Rogers, Lance Harrell, and Leon Harrell. From his continual learning and improving of skills, Mike can pass on more comprehensive help from foal to foundation and from beginner to advanced.
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